Custom Software Development

We develop software for ambitious startups as well as large international companies in the IT industry and we have been serving this industry in an impeccable manner. Bestowed with a team of 30+ professionally trained developers, we have completed 1000+ projects. Our unique experience and expertise enable us to gather requirements and select optimal technical solutions with unrivaled speed and efficiency. This ensures a fast project launch reducing the timescales and costs of your product development. It is our ability to satisfy even the most complex needs of the targeted customers, which allowed us to get TEDCIL certification in 2016. Today, we are known as trusted custom Software Development Company and service provider because we have successfully catered the value added service requirements by using the most recent technologies.

Even the competitors salute our values that we are following strictly with honest and care.

STRONG RELATIONSHIPS: We build strong and trustful relationships with our clients and encourage close bonds among our team members. We respect our clients. We put ourselves in their feet, always listening intently to understand opinions that diverge from our own, and contribute with new ideas.

HEART & COMMITMENT: We love building meaningful, editable and easily-usable software products with 100% dedication and commitment. We work with passion and we are enthusiastic about the work we do. Working hard and having fun in the process is our key to success and happiness. Because we love what we do

TEAM OVER INDIVIDUALS: We are good team players. We think that great things can only be achieved through a sustainable, strong and professional team. Every individual’s point of view, expertise and initiative, contribute collaboratively to create something valuable. Our teams help you reach business goals through agile software development and surely, through our business and brand development strategies.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: One of the principles of our software development philosophy is transparency, so working with us you don't just get the visibility of where we are at the very particular moment, but you also are in a direct contact with the whole Development Team.

CUSTOM SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT: We, at FoxDale, offer custom-made software development services. Our specialists’ proficiency in cutting-edge technologies, tools and services ensures that we create software products that are fully tailored to meet your unique business needs.

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