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November 16, 2016
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November 16, 2016

Business franchise

FoxDale Pvt. Ltd. is Kerala’s largest integrated business solution company since 2001, and an absolute authority on franchising, licensing and all other business services from the root. FoxDale Pvt. Ltd. has helped hundreds of investors in selecting the right business and, in turn, assisted numerous. All our business services are dedicated to inform and assist the investor.

FoxDale Pvt. Ltd. has its finger on the pulse of servicing business solutions with unrivalled audience intelligence and market driven data. No other company understands the service landscape deeper than FoxDale Pvt. Ltd.

FoxDale Pvt. Ltd.'s portfolio of integrated platforms includes magazines, web sites, conferences, eNewsletters, online training programs and customized marketing. FoxDale Pvt. Ltd. is at the cutting edge of providing content marketing services.

Our brands, proprietary content, research and customized marketing solutions, offer unparalleled depth of information and services to clients in vertical segments of the business industry.

FoxDale Pvt. Ltd. has been a leader and innovator in providing valuable information and intelligence to our clients. FoxDale Pvt. Ltd.’s goal is to provide quality services and content that will help all our clients improve personally and professionally.

Our primary focus is to provide programs, curriculum and content to educate our customers — franchisors, franchisees, franchise prospects and franchise industry product and service providers.

FoxDale Pvt. Ltd.’s product and service line provides a variety of tools and opportunities to reach your target audience.

We at FoxDale, being the only “Business and Infra Developers” in the Capital city, stands for those organizations who need an extra support to excel in niche area of your expertise in the industry. Since our inception in 2001, we’ve assisted over 200 organizations (testimonials available on request) from start-ups to business giants like Bharat Petroleum, a long 16 year of confidence and excellence.

The world is changing all around us. To continue to thrive as an association over the next ten years and beyond, we must look ahead, understand the trends and forces that will shape our performance in the future and move swiftly to prepare for what's to come. In short, for tomorrow we must get ready today.

That's what our Vision is all about.

It creates a long-term destination for our business and provides us with a "Roadmap" for winning together with our members and partners.

The Services we offer:
  • Company/Firm/NGO Registrations
  • Business/Financial/Legal consulting
  • Startup, IT and Business space allocations
  • Infrastructure development
  • Interior furnishing, LED lightings and setting up standards
  • Staff recruitment and training
  • Government licensing
  • ISO certifications
  • Facility management including civil works
  • Software Development
    • Window/Web/Mobile app/e-commerce
  • Project Preparation and Bank loan assistance
  • Training, Internships and Academic projects
  • Third party services
    • Business/investors meet
    • Seminars
    • Campaigning programs
    • Mass pulling
  • Brand development
  • Ad and signboard contracts
  • All print and electronic media marketing and promotions
Some of our clients
  • IT Council of Kerala
  • IT Saksharatha Mission
  • Technical Education Council
  • Council for Educational Research and Training
  • Centre for Innovation and Development
  • BPCL - MPL
  • Swantec Pvt. Ltd. (TCS Head team)
  • Steerforth Pvt. Ltd.
  • Coolmanz Pvt. Ltd.
  • Zeronix Webmedia
  • iLeaf Infotech
  • Kalyanam Wedding Galaxy
  • plus more than 20 training/academic and 5 online portals organizations

We offer “Boots-On-The-Ground” consulting services to all businesses, companies and organizations wanting to start, expand, grow and develop in India. Our services has a team of working experts in specialized fields of business administration, marketing, project management, strategy, public relations, human resources and nonprofit organizations willing to listen, build trust and empower your organization.

Now we are looking for Business Partners all over Kerala (District wise) to expand our operations.

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